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After discovering one third of Lyft's driver's and 60% of their passenger's are female, I wanted to present a solution that would allow them to test-drive (no pun intended) a model allowing for female-identifying drivers and passengers to request a ride from other female-identifying driver's and passengers. This function could be switched on and off so users and drivers won’t be limited to the selection- but would have the option to switch it on as needed.
Lyft’s marketing edge is their diverse and easy-going approach to ride sharing, however this has been a feature that has been missing despite the requests from drivers and passengers alike. The demand for this feature has allowed for the emergence of several female-only ride share platforms across the U.S. over the past 3 years, however Lyft being one of the largest ride sharing platforms largely populated by women has yet to launch an in-app safety feature for it's users. 

Directed / Designed / Animated by:
Naomi Hia

Adobe After Effects / Maxon Cinema 4D

'The Great Pranks' by soundroll

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